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e - portage management tasks:


e <option> <*option2/pkg> - portage management tasks:
  1 | oneshot   - adds a package as a dependency
  - | flagrem   - removes a global USE flag
  + | flagadd   - adds a global USE flag
  b | blocked   - blocked pkg workaround - <blocking> <tomerge>
  c | clean     - cleans (removes) package sources no longer in portage tree
  d | depclean  - remove unneeded dependencies
  e | elog      - view elog (developer notes for merged packages)
  f | flag      - add flag to package - <category/pkg flag>
  g | flaginfo  - information on a package's USE flags
  h | flaghas   - programs using USE flag
  i | install   - installs package (will use binary if available)
  k | keyword   - add keyword for unsupport archtechtures
  l | list      - lists files installed to a package
  m | manifest  - generate and sign all manifest in <overlay>
  o | owns      - check the file's owning package
  p | pretend   - check details of how a package is going to be added
  q | query     - search for an installed package
  r | remove    - remove package(s)
  s | search    - search for a package
  t | searchdes - search the description of packages
  u | upgrade   - emerge @world (upgrade everything)
  x | check     - check installed pkg(s) integrity
  y | sync      - sync the portage database
  z | revdep    - rebuild dependencies
  freeze        - freeze a pkg update - <cat/pkg> <cat/pkg-version>
  unfreeze      - unfreeze a package - <package>
  unmask        - unmask package - <category/pkg-*version>
  gcl           - list installed gcc compilers
  gcs           - set new gcc compiler
  kl            - list available kernels
  ks            - select new kernel (will require bootloader update)


Portage’s intelligent bashrc.

More Info |

For installation, just copy bashrc into /etc/portage.
There is also an ebuild in the init6 overlay (which is available by layman).


install-kernel - tools to build and install kernel


ipatch - Intelligent patch wrapper.

ipatch - Intelligent patch wrapper.


Usage: ipatch <operation> <work dir> <patch|dir|conf>

where <operation> is one of
push or +        apply patch
test or ~        test patch
pop or -         reversing patch
help or h or ?   print this help

where <work dir> is some directory. For current directory use dot.

where <patch|dir|conf> is one of
<dir>/<patch>    Any patch file *.{diff,patch,gz,bz,bz2,lrz,xz,zip,Z}
<dir>            For recursive apply or reversing all patches from directory. For current directory use dot.
<dir>/<conf>     Patch set config file *.conf

patch set config file format:

To apply all patches to current directory from /etc/portage/patches
ipatch push . /etc/portage/patches

To reversing patch /etc/portage/patches/reiser4-for-3.14.1.patch.gz in /usr/src/linux
ipatch pop /usr/src/linux /etc/portage/patches/reiser4-for-3.14.1.patch.gz

To apply all patches from /etc/portage/patches/local.conf config file in /usr/src/linux
ipatch push /usr/src/linux /etc/portage/patches/local.conf


iso-latin-1 based linux console font4

To build install media-gfx/psftools and use make

More Info apple и шрифт ISO Latin-1 Font | Ka-Ping Yee ISO Latin-1 Font in linux kernel



patchfinder - Search, download and unpack patches no matter where they were located



repo-sync - sync all sources from git/svn repo



sys-kernel/bentoo-sources - the same vanilla-sources includes branding